CP-SAR Ground Test Job Description

Rough schedule in Josaphat Laboratory to mapping the scope of work, person in charge and things to prepare for the next CP SAR experiments, in general  as below :
1. Ground test on the first week of December 2013
2. Flight test on January 2014 (exact date not yet decided).

Based on the minimum working requirements for the ground test, here is the work distribution:

1. Antenna :
Persons on Charge : Kawai, Sasaya, Osanai
Materials : One LHCP and one RHCP antenna are available, two Horn antenna can also be used for ground experiment.
Job Description : check the availability of the existing antenna and prepare if we need to fabricate new ones for flight test. If possible we want to use the LP and CP antenna for ground test.

2. RF Device :
RF Device (R&K company)

3. Chirp Pulse Generator :
Person on Charge : Suto
Job Description : Need to develop the software to send data from FPGA-ADC-DAC subsystem to the Data recorder via RS232. Also the control interface between PC and the signal generator.

4. Data Recorder and SAR Processor :
Persons on Charge : Bambang and Zafri.
Job Description : develop software to receive data from ADC and save it to SSD, develop software to process the raw data. develop software to send trigger signal to chirp pulse generator.

5. Power Control :
Persons on Charge : Zafri and Bambang
Job Description : develop circuit to remotely control power switch for FPGA and RF system, develop software to control it from ground station. Need to calculate the power requirement of all the subsystem.

6. Telemetry and Ground Station :
Person on Charge : Bambang, Mustafa (not confirmed yet)
Job Description : currently nothing to prepare, just use remote desktop to control the windows on the onboard PC. And research about the possibility to develop control station for our system.

7. GPS – IMU :
Person on Charge : Miyazaki
Job Description : Use software from GPS and IMU company to record the data, investigate the possibility of writing our own software to read data from GPS and IMU. This is important because we want to integrate all sensor data into the dashboard in ground control system.

8. Corner Reflector :
Person on Charge : Kawai & New bachelor students (B3)
Job Description : Desain and create the corner reflector, we need at least one for ground test, but if possible we need to have 3 in order to confirm the SAR resolution in range and azimuth.

9. Rail Controller of Ground Test Instrument :
Zafri, improve the existing rail control software for ground test

10. Weather Station Device :
not yet discussed.

11. Documentation dan Data Processing :
Person on Charge : Ratih
Job Description : Coordinate the system documentation, manual, work schedules and post processing of SAR data.

Update : 29 October 2013