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Prof Josaphat Class in QBall – Chiba Science Museum

As contribution of Josaphat Laboratory (JMRSL) for community, Prof Josaphat gave lecture related “how to observe disaster precisely using microwave remote sensing sensor” at QBall Chiba Science Museum on 27 January 2018

JMRSL Exchange Student and Researcher Programs : University of Ottawa and Carleton University

Prof Josaphat promotes exchange student and researcher programs with Short Stay – Long Stay Program, TWINCLE, JST Sakura Science Program, Global Study Program, Double Degree Program etc. This figure is staffs and

Invited Lecture at National Chiao Tung University Taiwan

Prof Josaphat gave Invited Lecture relating advanced microwave remote sensing technology at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan on 5 December 2017. This lecture collaborated with Taiwan National Space Organization (NSPO), that JMRSL

Sister University Agreement with Universitas Sebelas Maret

Signing ceremonty of Sister University Agreement with Universitas Sebelas Maret on 2 November 2017.

Statistics Agencies staffs visited Josaphat Laboratory

Staffs of Statistics Agencies in Asia and Africa visited Josaphat Laboratory under JICA program on 27 October 2017.

Workshop on Remote Sensing for Indonesian Aerospace Agency

Workshop on Remote Sensing technology for staffs of Indonesian Aerospace Agency in the field of atmosphere and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) onboard microsatellite.

Prof Josaphat gave Generale Lecture at UNS

Prof Josaphat gave Generale Lecture at Department of Electrical Engineering, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) “Pengembangan Teknologi Synthetic Aperture Radar untuk Pertahanan Indonesia” 8 September 2017

Prof Josaphat gave Invited Talk in FGD Microsatellite Meeting at ITS

Prof Josaphat gave Invited Talk entitled “Development of Circularly Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar onboard Microsatellite” on FGD Perkembangan Teknologi Satelit di Indonesia (Lapan A1-A5) at Gedung Pasca Sarjana, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

Prof Josaphat gave Stadium Generale at ITS

Prof Josaphat visited Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) to maintain our Sister University MoU and Gave Stadium Generale entitled “Sensor Technology, Material, and Application of Synthetic Aperture Radar to Monitor Indonesian

Hinotori-C1 Mission at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Josaphat Laboratory (JMRSL) finished Hinotori-C1 (Firebird-C1) mission at Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 24 August – 3 September 2017. This first flight mission used Cessna 172 aircraft using full circularly polarized antenna (LL, RR,