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First Image of JMRSL C Band Circularly Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar (CP-SAR)

Figure 1. First circularly polarized image of Aircraft onboard CP-SAR that developed by Josaphat Laboratory (JMRSL) 図1.ヨサファット研航空機搭載円偏波合成開口レーダ(CP-SAR)の初画像 Josaphat Laboratory or Josaphat Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory (JMRSL) in Center for Environmental Remote Sensing,

Hinotori-C1 Mission at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Josaphat Laboratory (JMRSL) finished Hinotori-C1 (Firebird-C1) mission at Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 24 August – 3 September 2017. This first flight mission used Cessna 172 aircraft using full circularly polarized antenna (LL, RR,