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Kelok Sembilan Monitoring using DGPS and PS-InSAR

Josaphat Laboratory (JMRSL) observes land deformation around Kelok Sembilan, West Sumatra provinces using DGPS (26 March 2017) and spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR), especially permanent scatterer SAR (PS-InSAR). This observation collaborates with

The 15th SAR Workshop at Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

第15回SAR画像信号処理ワークショップとマレー半島土砂崩れの監視 The 15th SAR Workshop at Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia and landslide monitoring at Malay Peninsula

Ground Test of SAR System

Ground test of Josaphat Laboratory SAR system to investigate our system for point target scattering. This system will be installed on our UAV and Boeing 737-200 for further flight test.

SAR Mobile Ground Test at Melaka, Malaysia

Prof Josaphat held synthetic aperture radar mobile ground test at Melaka, Malaysia with team of Multmedia University (MMU) to test our system before we hold using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), 7 March

Ground Survey at Kenyir, Trengganu, Malaysia

Prof Josaphat and team held ground survey at Kenyir, Trengganu, Malaysia to monitor land deformation at high voltage transmission line of Malaysia, 6 March 2015. Prof Josaphat monitors this area using Differential