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Surprise Birthday Party for Prof Josaphat

Surprise birthday party by students and staffs of Josaphat Laboratory (JMRSL) for Prof Josaphat who just came back from business trip to Ajou University and KAIST, Korea on 25 June 2015. Thank

Prof Josaphat gave lecture at Ajou University

Prof Josaphat gave lecture at Ajou University – Suwon, Korea for collaboration to develop synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sensor for Korean Pathfinder Lunar Observer (KPLO), 23 June 2014. Prof Josaphat also visited

Ground Test of SAR System

Ground test of Josaphat Laboratory SAR system to investigate our system for point target scattering. This system will be installed on our UAV and Boeing 737-200 for further flight test.

Prof Josaphat collaborates NSPO to realize SAR onboard Aircraft and Satellite

Prof Josaphat was invited to discuss and give lectures relating design of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system for aircraft and satellite. He also gave the 14th Workshop on SAR Image Signal Processing

Prof Josapht Visited Indonesian Aerospace Company (PT DI)

Prof Josaphat discussed with Dr Heri and staffs of Indonesian Aerospace Company (PT DI) to collaborate synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for UAV and aircrafts, N219 etc, 5 May 2015

Prof Josaphat in Kaltim Post

Prof Josaphat in Kaltim Post (Indonesia), p.22 on 24 March 2017 relating his Invited Speak on Generale Studium of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (FMIPA), Universitas Mulawarman, East Kalimantan (Kaltim), Indonesia.

Stratosphere Platform for Indonesia

Meeting with Secretary General, Lt Gen.Ediwan Prabowo and staffs at Indonesian Ministry of Defence Office, Jakarta on 16 March 2015 to realize Indonesian Stratosphere Platform to monitor Indonesia real time, especially for

Progress Report on Lapan-Chibasat (GAIA-II/Lapan-A5)

Prof Josaphat attended progress report and review on development of Lapan-Chibasat (GAIA-II/Lapan-A5) at Indonesian Aerospace Agency (LAPAN), Rancabungur Office, Bogor, Indonesia on 13 March 2015. We discussed the progress on development of

SAR Mobile Ground Test at Melaka, Malaysia

Prof Josaphat held synthetic aperture radar mobile ground test at Melaka, Malaysia with team of Multmedia University (MMU) to test our system before we hold using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), 7 March

Ground Survey at Kenyir, Trengganu, Malaysia

Prof Josaphat and team held ground survey at Kenyir, Trengganu, Malaysia to monitor land deformation at high voltage transmission line of Malaysia, 6 March 2015. Prof Josaphat monitors this area using Differential