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JMRSL Ph.D Student (Heein Yang) awarded by ISRS 2016

  Ph.D student of Josaphat Laboratory (JMRSL), Heein Yang received the Award of Excellent Contestant – Student Award Paper Competition for paper authored by Heein Yang, Agus Hendra Wahyudi, Yuta Izumi, and

Prof Josaphat got two awards from LEPRID

  Prof Josaphat got two awards from Lembaga Prestasi Indonesia – Dunia (LEPRID) as below. Lembaga Prestasi Indonesia – Dunia (LEPRID) No.105, PENEMU RADAR SATELIT PENGAMATAN BUMI BERBASIS MICROWAVE REMOTE SENSING DAN

Prof Josaphat received President Award

Inauguration Ceremony of Excellent Research Award from President of Chiba University Prof. Yasushi Saito for Prof Josaphat research entitled “Chiba Prefecture Advanced Research on Large Scale Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Microsatellites” 25

Ph.D Thesis : Dr. Yohandri

Josaphat Laboratory graduated Dr. Yohandri with Ph.D thesis entitled “Development of Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antennas for CP-SAR System Installed on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” on 25 September 2012. He finished the Doctor Program

Prof Josaphat received the Best Paper Award and the Best Supporter Award

Prof Josaphat received The Best Paper Award for paper entitled “InSAR Technique for Retrieving Volume Change of Volcanic Materials on Slope Area”, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), The

Josaphat Laboratory’s Student (Wissan Victor) received Dean Award (22 April 2009)

千葉大学環境リモートセンシング研究センター・マイクロ波リモートセンシング研究室(ヨサファット研)の学部生であるビクトル ウィッサン君(インドネシア出身)が2009年3月25日に卒業式の際、工学部賞を受賞しました。

Received Nanohana Competition Award for the Best Research for Lecturer FY 2007

ヨサファット テトォコ スリ スマンティヨ助教授は「大学ベンチャー発に向ける高精度画像生成用円偏波合成開口レーダの開発」という研究テーマで、平成19年度なのはなベンチャーコンペ【教員版】賞を受賞した。